Preserving The Moment...

                      ...For A lifetime


        Whitetail Doe                                                                  $400

      Deer Whitetail w/o panel                                                $435.

                with panel---add $85.- $120.

         Deer wall pedestal                                                                                    $510.

        Antelope, sheep, goat                                                    $480.

           Pedestal mount                                                         $565.

        Wild boar/open mouth                                                    $580.-$700.

      Elk/Red Stag---closed mouth                                         $850.

      Elk/Red Stag--open mouth                                             $1050.

      Elk/Red Stag Wall Pedestal                                           $975.       

      Caribou                                                                           $695.

      Coyote                                                                            $300.

      Coyote--Pedestal                                                            $400.

      Black Bear--open mouth                                                 $625.

      Moose                                                                             $1000.



      Deer --       oak---$130.     walnut---$140.

      Elk --            oak--$240.      walnut---$250.

         Deer Antler on Plaque --    oak--$100.


      Mount with no board -- $100. 


    Small Game -- Squirrel, Rabbit, Mink    ---   Starting at            $175.  -- $260.

       Medium Game --Raccoon, Fox, Coyote  ---  Starting at           $450.-- $510.

     Large Game -- Deer, Black Bear  ----  Starting at                               $1580. on up


    Small birds --  Pheasant, Grouse, Quail                                    $250.

     Water Fowl -- Ducks, Geese                                                      $300.-$460.

       Turkey --                                                                                     $585.--$610.


    Small Game                                                                              $485.

     Large Game  --  Black bear, Wolf, Cougar (per linear feet)      $185.  

                                Brown Bear                      (per linear feet)     $195.


         **All rugs have the option of open or closed mouth with

            two complete layers of standard colored felt.**


       Deer Foot Gun rack   --starting at---                                         $130.

       Raccoon Head Looking through knothole                                $150.

       Four Foot Deer Lamp/Shade                                                   $210.

       Deer Foot Thermometer                                                           $110.

              For information on African and exotic mounts,

                 please call for pricing.     

** Custom mounts  and custom natural habitats are available at an extra cost.

**Prices do NOT include Ohio sales tax. Prices are subject to change.